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Land Survey

Lanktree Land Surveying owner, Trevor Lanktree, is a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Washington State and Oregon. Raised in Western Montana, Trevor tagged along with his father performing rural surveys throughout Montana and Idaho. After college, Trevor worked at a reputable full-service land development firm in Western Washington. He was able to move up through the ranks while increasing his professional and technical experience, by working alongside some of the best in the business.

Lanktree recognized the need for the professional to be more in touch with every aspect of their projects, motivating him to create Lanktree Land Surveying. His idea was to start a firm where the professional in charge could stay in touch with the smaller details and client communication. He wanted to be able to provide a more personalized service, unique to the client.

Lanktree's mission is to provide clients with the personal attention their projects demand. We pair this with staying up to date with the latest technology and advanced services you might only find at a larger firm. Lanktree Land Surveying will show you the difference care and attention to detail can make.


Staying on top of technology is critical to providing clientele with the best and most innovative services possible. Lanktree Land Surveying recognizes this fact and implements new technologies on a regular basis. Lanktree Land Surveying employs such surveying technologies as robotic total stations, both RTK and Static GPS, Laser Scanning and Civil 3D design software. See below for key benefits:

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser ScanningLaser Scanning technology allows Lanktree Land Surveying to capture the subject site and digitally bring it back to the office for extraction of needed features. This data can then be provided to the client for future extraction of detail measurements, that may have not been deemed needed at the time of the original mapping.

Robotic Total Stations

Robotic Total StationsRobotic Total Stations take the task of turning manual angles and distances off of the surveyor's to do list. This allows the surveyor to focus on other tasks needed to complete the survey, including but not limited boundary calculations and verifying precisions.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Global Positioning Systems (GPSHigh Accuracy GPS allows the surveyor to collect data over greater distances in a more efficient time frame. Many times, projects and their controlling monumentation span over large distances, which can require a large amount of time and resources using conventional line of sight technologies.

AutoCAD Civil3D

Global Positioning Systems (GPSAutoCAD Civil3D has become the standard in the design industry. Survey data is of no use, if it cannot be conveyed to other professionals who need to use the data to aid the client into taking their project into the next phase. That is why Lanktree Land Surveying has chosen to use Civil3d.