Terrain Logistics

In the last 9 years I have had the pleasure of working on thousands of projects of various sizes and levels of difficulty with Trevor Lanktree. Trevor has shown me time and time again that a job worth doing is worth doing right, there is no compromise. When he puts lines and notes on a drawing bearing his name, you can bet the information is the best it can be. Trevor is also not one of those professionals who would rather not discuss his views and designs with contractors and or their field workers, he is very open to discuss daily strategies, challenges and any questions anyone may have concerning the projects. This openness and willingness to be not only the surveyor in charge, but a team player as well who is very interested in the success of the projects has proven many times to be a huge part of the many success stories we have shared over the years. Trevor consistently provides high quality work on all types of projects. I have also had the opportunity to meet with and share some off hours time with Trevor and his family, and once again I can tell you this is a stand up individual, his family values are second to none. If you are reading this and trying to decide on a Surveying firm to head up all of your survey needs, I highly recommend Lanktree Land Surveying, Inc., you will not be sorry.

Brian D. Gillooly, P.L.S.
Professional Land Surveyor
Owner of Terrain Logistics and

Weeping Willow, LLC

I contacted Lanktree Land Surveying when my title company told me the day before closing that a survey needs to be done in order to get extended coverage. Trevor was prompt in his response and came up with an estimate quickly. Title company changed the requirements of the survey and he needed to do another estimate, which again was promptly done. After examining various estimates I had, it was clear the combination of professionalism and the cost was tough to beat. Simply put, I am getting the most value for my money! Once I chose him as the surveyor, I mentioned to him there was only 2 weeks left on the original offer and if at all possible to get the work done within two weeks which reduces his cycle from 3 weeks to 2 weeks. He said he will do his best. In the end, he finished the work in 11 days which helped me close the property before the offer deadline. Trevor knew the nature of the project and always alerted me when things that put the project in jeopardy came up. All in all, I consider working with him as a great partnership where he was looking out for my goals. Trevor's professionalism, responsiveness and caring is unmatched!

Ravi G. Ravichandran
Manager of Weeping Willow, LLC